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Bruce Corporation

Bruce Corporation is comprised of Bruce Systems.

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Bruce Systems

Bruce Systems' security approach to the Internet of Things (IoT) uses proximity based wireless technology that achieves authentication and non-repudiation that requires less human intervention.

The Innovations that developed technology that harnessed electricity, created night vision; sonar, radar and fiber optic technology revolutionized the ability to adapt and work in new realms. Bruce Systems' harnesses the power of wireless environments to secure devices, data, spaces and people

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What we do and Who We are

  • Bruce Consulting has an extensive network of security and privacy experts

  • The principal of Bruce Consulting is an expert in privacy and cyber security

  • The company has key patents in IoT, and AI applications

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Bruce's Principle

Lillie Coney is the Founder and President of Bruce Corporation. She is an inventor with six issued U.S. Patents covering IoT communication security, healthcare, earthquake early warning, travel, and physical security, focusing on the core principle of Privacy by Design. She has over 12 years of experience in federal government affairs.  Lillie worked as the Associate Director for the Electronic Privacy Information Center ( for eight years. In this role, she acquired six years of experience managing domestic and international privacy stakeholder data protection and human rights coalitions: the Privacy Coalition (United States) and the Public Voice (International). She has organized and chaired three international Public Voice meetings held in conjunction with the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners. In 2012, she was elected as the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) U.S. Chair for the Information Society Committee. She co-chaired the international “2011 Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference the Future is Now!” She was the Policy Analyst in the Washington DC office of the U.S. Association for Computing Machinery.

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Federal Government Contract Award Ready

DUNS: 079563215

CAGE Code:  79BA5

Name: Bruce Corporation

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Women Owned Small Business
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Bruce Systems

A Division of Bruce Corporation

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Agile, innovative, and Resourceful

Bruce Corporation is the sole source end-to-end provider of IoT security for data; devices; and spaces:

➢ Data security;

➢ Device security;

➢ Healthcare technology data security;

➢ Physical security;

➢ Situational awareness in interior spaces of people, locations and assets;

➢ Inventory management systems; and

➢ Facilitate asset recovery.

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Bruce Systems' Security

Our mission is to automate security through seamless wireless communication systems that detect when, where, how, and by whom data, devices, or spaces are accessed.



Cyber Security

➢ Authentication gate-keeping functions that do not rely on passwords;
➢ Real-time, role based control over access to data;
➢ Digital tagging of records, files,  and systems for approved users and as content is added, accessed or removed; and
➢ Managing security on portable devices while in transit and at approved locations.

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Asset Management

➢ Virtual and physical gate-keeping functions for people and wireless enabled devices;
➢ Situational awareness;
➢ Physical space management; and
➢ Collaboration with security services or resources.




➢ Near real-time data delivery to healthcare professionals on individual patients health status;
➢ Supports self care through feedback to patients on their health status;
➢ Manages communication among caregivers, home health service providers, medical staff, patients and medical professionals; and
➢ Supports aging in place, reduction in hospital readmission rates, and independent living.



Leverage the IoT for Cyber Defense

➢ 24-7 situational awareness of assets, people, and interior spaces;
➢ Automated authentication;
➢ Role based authorization; and
➢ IoT environment command and control.

Bruce Systems would like to have you as a client today, using the form provided contact us.

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Bruce Consulting and Bruce Systems form Bruce Corporation, which is a unique cyber security company because it has the capability to see the hard and soft problems that impact data security.


Bruce Corporation


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